[mythtv-users] No XvMC, still get interlaced video

Dan Berger dan at theidiots.org
Fri Jan 9 00:22:17 EST 2004

I recently tried to enable XvMC. I did, and it worked just fine (b&w OSD)
The video was extremely interlaced (you know, horizontal lines on
fast-moving video) so it was unusable. I recompiled again, this time with
the stock settings.pro. However, the video is still interlaced even though I
have Deinterlace Video checked off (I also checked the db and it has
Deinterlace set to 1 in the settings table).
Any ideas on whats going on?
This is the last issue I am having with my box... I even got two Siako P220
USB gamepads (which I highly recommend!!!) that work perfectly out of the
box with all three emulators.
Thanks in advance,


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