[mythtv-users] Internal Video player

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Thu Jan 8 20:55:03 EST 2004

Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Thursday 08 January 2004 07:37 pm, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> I will not have any major portions of mythtv depend on a large outside 
> project.  I'd consider mythvideo to be a non-major portion of mythtv (ie, I 
> don't use it, ever), so it's fine for that.

That's fine by me... I would assume you consider MythDVD a non-major 
portion as well then since it depends on large outside projects for half 
of it's functionality?

> And, btw, mythmusic plays CDs just fine.  

Yes it does.  But it's reinventing the wheel.

> Llibavcodec/libavformat support most file formats, 

After reading Joseph's message I tried out a handful of files asf and 
avi playback were both horrid using mythtv <file.asf>.  MPEG playback 
was fine but that's to be expected.

> and streaming is essentially trivial to add (and even exists in 
> libavformat already).  

Again, reinventing the wheel.

 > DVDs would require tying the internal player to
> libdvdread simply to read the data off and some minor changes to the decoder 
> class to allow it to select which audio stream to play.

Not to mention code to navigate the menus, code to support playing back 
a DVD from a directory, etc etc. Which of course is more reinventing of 
the wheel.

Note: I'm in no way shape or form disrespecting the hard work and talent 
that's gone into ALL portions of Myth.  My goal with the xine-lib stuff 
was to bring some consistency to the various media playback components 
and the leverage existing solutions.  After all, it's about itches, this 
is one of my personal itches.  If it's not yours, that's fine. The 
beauty of open source is that we're all free to scratch our own itches.

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