[mythtv-users] Specs

Steve Bower sbower at cisco.com
Thu Jan 8 17:58:15 EST 2004

>>>>> "Curtis" == Curtis Wood <curtis at penguinbrat.com> writes:

Curtis> On the good side - I just won an xbox on ebay - aparently you
Curtis> can get the HDTV resoloutions from the it (1280x720;720p) - it
Curtis> was just released.... Now I just need the pcHDTV card, heh...

There has been a discussion that the xbox's CPU doesn't have the
horsepower to decode HDTV streams, so it's not usable for displaying
what you would record with the pcHDTV card.

My Athlon 2500+ pegs its CPU playing 1080i with Xv support, splitting
about 80/20 between xine and the X server; with XvMC support, it's about
80% used, just by xine (20% idle).


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