[mythtv-users] Pundit fan noise.

John Pullan jmp at tarantella.com
Thu Jan 8 12:16:33 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 17:13, Chris Petersen wrote:
> > 	I'm the owner of a 2.4Ghz celeron pundit box on which I'm running
> > mythtv (very nicely thank you). However, despite Q-Fan being enabled I
> > still find it noisy (the CPU/MB seem to be at 33C while the fan is
> > running at 1800). Granted, it's quiet compared to my other boxes but I
> > don't think it's really suitable to be sat in the front room next to the
> > TV.
> Dunno what to say.  When it's idle, my pundit's fan is barely audible in
> a room with no other noise - and only enough to just hear it if it's
> recording something.

Well either my hearing is really sensitive (unlikely) or I've got
something misconfigured/installed somewhere. I'll check again tonight. 

Am I correct in thinking that Q-Fan only has the Enable/Disable option ?

John Pullan <jmp at tarantella.com>

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