[mythtv-users] RE: Transcode

Ian Hojnicki ihojnicki at buckeye-express.com
Thu Jan 8 08:19:22 EST 2004

>I had this same problem a starting a few days ago. I looked at
>dmesg and /var/log/messages and found some strange errors
>concerning the dvd device. 
>After googling around a bit on the error messages I found that
>whatever it 
>is in the kernel that handles DVD reading has a hard time
>compensating for 
>a flakey DVD device and that the problem is being worked on. In the
>time, try a different DVD drive and IDE cable. This worked great
>for me.. 
>The difference was night and day. Or at the very least, check your 
>messages and see if they give you any more info. 

I tried swapping the IDE cable to an ATA 100 cable and moved the DVD
drive to the HighPoint controller on the mobo.  It actually ran for
close to a half an hour before it frooze again.  Before it would
never run for more then 6 minutes.  So I am pretty sure it is just a
combination of the controller, cable, and DVD drive.  I was going to
get a new Promise Controller for the backend what does it hurt to get
a new DVD drive.  Thanks for your help guys.


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