[mythtv-users] XvMC deinterlace not possible, but...

Dan Berger dan at theidiots.org
Thu Jan 8 03:46:34 EST 2004

No, it doesn't deinterlace the video stream for me but I know it works for a
fact because my OSD is b&w :)

I would like to use it, however, because it significantly decreases the
sound stuttering I experience both randomly and more commonly during channel

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>Dan Berger wrote:
>>While on the subject of XvMC, I know you cant do anything to 
>the video 
>>stream when using XvMC but my video is really interlaced (obviously I 
>>can't deinterlace if the stream cant be manipulated). Is 
>there anything 
>>I can do though to deinterlace it aside from disabling XvMC?
>Ummm...  I did not know that either.  I just thought that XvMC 
>would automatically deinterlace the video stream.
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