[mythtv-users] XvMC deinterlace not possible, but...

Dan Berger dan at theidiots.org
Thu Jan 8 02:15:06 EST 2004

While on the subject of XvMC, I know you cant do anything to the video
stream when using XvMC but my video is really interlaced (obviously I can't
deinterlace if the stream cant be manipulated). Is there anything I can do
though to deinterlace it aside from disabling XvMC?


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>michael brown wrote:
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>>>The way I can tell that XvMC is involved is that ......
>> One other thing I failed to mention is that I get this message from
>> mythfrontend:
>> Using XvMC version: 1.0
>> I assume that means that mythfrontend is about to enable it.
>> When it dies, I get this message in the log file:
>> Unable to create XvMC Context
>Are you running a CVS version or .13?  Sometime after .13 was 
>released a patch was submitted for XvMC and was applied to the 
>CVS tree.  I've not had any stability problems with XvMC at 
>all since then.

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