[mythtv-users] NTL 4000 UK digibox and lirc

Oliver Wardell odw199 at zepler.org
Tue Jan 6 17:08:03 EST 2004

Hi all.

I'm currently nearing the end of long slog building a mythtv box to replace our departed tivo. Everything was going really, until I started the lirc stuff. Doers anyone have a guide as to how they did this (email me off the list if need be) as I can't even get lirc to work properly.

I am running Gentoo (lirc 0.6.6) on an athlon XP on an asus nforce 2 mobo. I have magaed to get the pvr 250 running great, hardware decoding on a geforce 4mmx for output (Simpsons looks terrible but all else looks great).

I have read the docs but the gentoo instructions are not very clear:

"emerge lirc"

Once this is up and running I'll update the docs with a better gentoo guide to lirc...

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