[mythtv-users] Re:Any suggestions for DVD+R linux tools?

K.R. Foley kr at cybsft.com
Tue Jan 6 15:22:40 EST 2004

Darrick Hartman wrote:
> --- Romel Llarena <rdllarena at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Research, on LILO there is an append ide-scsi
>>reference. Then I found a GRUB reference. Found a
>>hdd=ide-scsi but I have two drives (DVD+R is hdd and
>>regular DVD is hdc) so I added before the previous
>>line, "hdc=ide-scsi" as well so I could do a direct
>>DVD to DVD+R copy. Then rebooted. I think that
>>boot as I can no longer connect remotely. :-O
> Appending that line is only necessary for cd/dvd
> writers as the cdrecord utility uses the scsi bus to
> talk to the drive.  If you have a dvdROM or cdROM (not
> recorders) then you do not need to append that line. 
> (in other words if hdd is your cdburner, only append
> hdd=isd-scsi and not hdc.
> Darrick


The exception to this may be if you want to do cd to cd copying. IIRC, 
you must have the cd setup as scsi also to do this.


K.R. Foley
kr at cybsft.com

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