[mythtv-users] Re:Any suggestions for DVD+R linux tools?

Romel Llarena rdllarena at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 6 14:21:50 EST 2004

Darrick, sorry about missing your reference. I'll
start looking into the tools ASAP.

Jarod, apt-get worked great. Thanks ONCE AGAIN. I had
read install horror stories but it couldn't be any
easier . . . except for a ide-scsi reference when I
launched the app.

Research, on LILO there is an append ide-scsi
reference. Then I found a GRUB reference. Found a
hdd=ide-scsi but I have two drives (DVD+R is hdd and
regular DVD is hdc) so I added before the previous
line, "hdc=ide-scsi" as well so I could do a direct
DVD to DVD+R copy. Then rebooted. I think that killed
boot as I can no longer connect remotely. :-O

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