[mythtv-users] Does Save Position work with PVR-250 recordings for some of you

Richard S anewbeginning2004 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 6 09:39:30 EST 2004

I had another post asking how to fix my problem which is I can not save the 
position in any of my recordings using the PVR-250 so I can view at another 
time from where I left off.

I guess I should first have determined if this is a generic problem or just 
a problem with my system rirst. I am new at the linux world and Mythtv so 
this may be a known problem or one unique to my system I just can't find any 
answers with searches.

I would appreciate some feedback on if anyone who is using the PVR-250 is 
able to use the "save position" function sucessfully.

Thanks ALL !!!

Also the save position works with the PVR-250 if I use it while watching a 
program that is currently being recorded jus will not work once the 
recording has completed.

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