[mythtv-users] Messages from system to user

Kevin Kuphal kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com
Tue Jan 6 00:12:18 EST 2004

Certainly.  I expected though that this would be only for items that were
important enough to notify the user of.  Things that ultimately might
require user attention.  For example, the ReplayTV only gives me messages if
an update is missed, power is lost (i.e., reset), or if phone numbers have
changed.  While we might have more possible notification points, I wouldn't
expect this to be used to generate lots of satisfactory messages or even
marginal messages but rather for important "you should pay attention to
this" items. 

Any thoughts on whether this would be a module unto itself or something
embedded in the core?

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> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> > Is there a facility for the system (any module) to post messages to 
> > the user?  Being a ReplayTV user, I'm used to checking my messages 
> > weekly to see if any connections were missed or whatever.  While we 
> > are on Linux here, end-users probably don't want to hear 
> "check your 
> > log files".  While OSD is nice for things that happen in 
> realtime, I 
> > could see the filldatabase script using this as well as other 
> > background processes that might not happen as a user is watching.
> > 
> > I may tackle this as an enhancement if this hasn't been 
> developed yet. 
> > Ideally I would see a simple table in the database storing the 
> > messages where relevant modules could insert into and the "reader" 
> > could just select and/or delete from.  Would this be best 
> as it's own 
> > module or something included in the Setup screens as a simple 
> > "Messages" option?
> > 
> It's one of the many things on my list of things I'd like to do.  I'd 
> suggest a syslog like system where you have a source as well as a 
> priority.  That way simple filters can be implemented so that 
> the user 
> can eliminate messages they don't care about (i.e. Don't show me a 
> report from mythfilldatabase unless it's abnormal for example).

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