[mythtv-users] Simple transmitter-is it safe?

Chris Osgood mythtv at functionalfuture.com
Mon Jan 5 19:31:38 EST 2004

> On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Stuart Felenstein wrote:
> Pretty much any IR LED will do, theres not much to choose between them -
> the viewing angles and suggested current may be different (bigger current
> == brighter) but they should all work, and if the LED is going to be stuck
> directly onto the front of your decoder box or something then brightness
> isn't such an issue anyway.

Not all IR LED's are equal however.  Different types transmit at different
frequencies.  It's not super-critical but it'll work better if the LED is
close to what the receiver wants.  Someone else would know better than me
what wavelength most consumer electronics use.  875nm or so?

A couple years ago I was using an IR LED from RadioShack (the blue colored
one) and it didn't work worth anything.

The current LED I'm using came out of a broken universal remote that
someone was throwing out.  Cheap and works great.

// Chris

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