[mythtv-users] RE: Transcoded Programs: Audio Problems

David A. Mason damason at redshift.com
Mon Jan 5 17:16:31 EST 2004

After some fiddling and finally a clean CVS tree and rebuild, I have
apparently resolved the choppy audio issue by not having any audio at all
after a transcode.

I'm wondering if that might provide some insight.

The originally recorded programs do, of course, include audio, but
transcoded programs, while looking very nice, are completely silent.
(Perhaps there are some routines to add organ music?)

Any ideas, now?

I currently have liblame0 and liblame0-devel packages installed. Are these
the libraries that might be offending?


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One other thing: I seem to recall something on this list about using the
same bitrate as the original when transcoding, which I think I tried, but
I'm giving that one more chance.

I also happened to notice that mythfrontend's interface does, in fact, quite
clearly state that lower numbers for MP3 are higher quality. Silly me.

But, since transcoding takes a while, if anybody's got other advice, please
let me know.


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From: David A. Mason [mailto:damason at davenet.mine.nu] 
Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2004 23:02
To: 'Discussion about mythtv'
Subject: Transcoded Programs: Audio Problems

OK, the video quality seems good, but I find that my audio is consistently
garbled (to unintelligibility) after having transcoded a program, and the
application's response to keystrokes seems to lag the longer I leave the
transcoded recording running, until, after a number of seconds of playback,
it hangs (just the app - not the machine).

Launching mythfrontend from a console so that I can read its error output
yields pretty much just normal messages.

Audio playback is perfect with untranscoded programs.

I have tried mp3 encoding at qualities 5 and 7. Oh, wait a second - are the
mp3 qualities also in reverse, with lower numbers being better? (Or perhaps
I'm the only one who think's that's backwards, since I haven't seen anyone
else say anything about it.) I've also tried with no compression - just
copying the stream, right? The result is the same - garbled series of
underwater staccatos.

Anybody encountered and overcome this problem?


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