[mythtv-users] save position not working with pvr-250 seems OK with wintv

Richard S anewbeginning2004 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 5 12:49:21 EST 2004

This is my first post here at mythtv so first let me thank everyone for the 
great information here, the mythtv program and its great features. I tried 
to find the answer to this but it seems out of my league. I am also new to 
linux so I will try my best to describe the problem. YES I have had help 
getting things working.

I have two mythtv systems set up. One is my everyday system and uses a 
PVR-250 and the other is my learning system and uses a hauppauge wintv card. 
Both run great but I have a problem with my PVR-250 setup that is not a 
problem with my wintv setup.

I can not save the position of a recorded program I am watching when on my 
PVR-250 system but as I said it works perfectly on my wintv system. Have 
tried many options from the setup including not using "always prompt". The 
enter/spacebar does toggle the words "cleared position" and "set position". 
I did find that if I set a program to record and then go watch it while its 
recording using  "watch recordings"  the save position works fine until the 
recording is fully completed then for future watching the save position does 
not work.

Have the same problem with 0.11 and now I upgraded to the CVS on 1/04/2004 
and still have the same problem. The wintv system works fine 0.11, 0,12, 
0.13 and CVS.

Working system:
OS: Gentoo
Have mythtv only installed at the moment no other modules
Hauppauge wintv
Keyboard only
PC monitor only watching

Problem system
OS: Gentoo
Have Mythweb installed and running.
Have a serial port IR remote working
Using nvidia video out (geforce2 gts 32meg) to my TV NTSC. I used NVTV to 
set overscan.

PVR-250 with the following settings:

Set in mythtv settings "recording profiles"
Stream type tried DVD (Type 10) and mpeg2 FS (type 0) tried both
Bitrate 6000, max 15000 (also tried 4500, max 6000)
Resolution 640x480 (also tried 480x480)

Set using the following commands
/root/ivtv/utils/test_ioctl -c dnr_mode=3
/root/ivtv/utils/test_ioctl -y brightness=140
/root/ivtv/utils/test_ioctl -y contrast=80
/root/ivtv/utils/test_ioctl -y saturation=63
/root/ivtv/utils/test_ioctl -y hue=7

Can't seem to find the answer appreciate the help.

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