[mythtv-users] Simple transmitter-is it safe?

DBakker at arrayasolutions.com DBakker at arrayasolutions.com
Mon Jan 5 10:22:05 EST 2004

I use the circuit as is. I actually built both the receiver and 
transmitter on the same little board with no issues. My machine has been 
fine. Now yours on the otherhand.....

I dont think anyone will give you a 100% yes since no one will ever do 
that in case you do burn your serial port for whatever reason.

Stuart Felenstein <stuart4m at yahoo.com> 
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01/05/2004 10:15 AM
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[mythtv-users] Simple transmitter-is it safe?

Reading the lirc documentation on the simple transmitter, seems to suggest 
the serial port may not be safe. 
Any comments on this , as I know people have built them?
Did you go with the suggested options for eitehr a bigger resistor or 
amplifier circuit?
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