[mythtv-users] minimum CPU requirements for PVR-250

Chris Wieringa cwieri39 at calvin.edu
Mon Jan 5 08:29:02 EST 2004

>I'm also still curious if a 233Mhz machine is good enough
>with a PVR-250 as a backend only and then streaming to my
>other computer.

Your CPU should be fast enough for this.  I'm doing a frontend/backend machine
on a K6-3 450 (using XvMC) and still have spare CPU cycles.  Recording shows
typically runs my CPU at around 15-20%.  You might want to check out if your
disk will be able to handle the simultaneous read / write in a quick enough
fashion.  Streaming LiveTV will require a constant write to your disk and a
constant read off the disk at the same time (because of buffering).  If you
have an old 5400 RPM hard drive in PIO mode you might have issues...

Chris Wieringa
cwieri39 at calvin.edu

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