[mythtv-users] Removing channel from the database

Markus Amann maamann at arcor.de
Mon Jan 5 04:28:37 EST 2004

maybe this helps
or install phpmyadmin and edit the database with it.

Am Montag, 5. Januar 2004 09:38 schrieb S Rollins - Software and Security 
> How do I remove a channel from the database?
> I have one channel that got messed up, because zap2it changed what they
> called the channel.
> So, now I have two listings in the guide for channel 2: "CICA" and "TVO".
> CICA has listings, TVO has nothing.  How do I remove the old "TVO" so it
> doesn't take up space on my program guide?  I presume I need to edit the
> database, but I'm not sure exactly what do delete and/or edit.
> Thanks,
> Scott Rollins
> softsecure at vivace.homelinux.net
> Arnprior, ON

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