[mythtv-users] minimum CPU requirements for PVR-250

Andy Skinn askinn at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 4 18:05:36 EST 2004

>Exchange the 250 for a 350. Then you have en-/decoding on
>card. The driver is mature enough by now. 

That's fine... but I've still heard that the PVR-350 won't
be good enough for my Cyrix 233Mhz machine.  I thought at
first it would be since it does both encoding and decoding,
but the opinion of others is that it wouldn't be enough.

If anyone can either confirm/disprove this, let me know.

I'm also still curious if a 233Mhz machine is good enough
with a PVR-250 as a backend only and then streaming to my
other computer.

Thanks again!

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