[mythtv-users] irw works but not mythtv

Derek Anderson public at kered.org
Sun Jan 4 17:07:43 EST 2004

hey all,

i've got an interesting problem here.
irw works just fine, yet mythTV does not.

i'm ising lirc v0.7.0pre2, patched to support i2c v2.8.0
gentoo's mythtv v0.12 ebuilds (with the lirc flag)

the obvious answer of course is "you're not building in lirc support". 
but it really is there in my /var/tmp/portage/.../work dir:
  --- settings.pro ---
# Native lirc support
CONFIG += using_lirc
EXTRA_LIBS += -llirc_client

has anyone a suggestion?

  Derek C. Anderson
  Senior Software Engineer
  Computer Sciences Corporation
  public at kered.org

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