[mythtv-users] Re: irw works but not mythtv

Derek Anderson public at kered.org
Sun Jan 4 17:12:47 EST 2004

follow up...
could it be because my lirc is using /dev/lirc/0 instead of the old 
/dev/lirc?  is gentoo coded to use /dev/lirc, and not the lircd?  where 
could i change this in the myth source code?

Derek Anderson wrote:
> hey all,
> i've got an interesting problem here.
> irw works just fine, yet mythTV does not.
> i'm ising lirc v0.7.0pre2, patched to support i2c v2.8.0
> gentoo's mythtv v0.12 ebuilds (with the lirc flag)
> the obvious answer of course is "you're not building in lirc support". 
> but it really is there in my /var/tmp/portage/.../work dir:
>  --- settings.pro ---
> # Native lirc support
> CONFIG += using_lirc
> EXTRA_LIBS += -llirc_client
> has anyone a suggestion?

  Derek C. Anderson
  Senior Software Engineer
  Computer Sciences Corporation
  public at kered.org

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