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Tom Jaeger tjaeger at networksinstalled.com
Sun Jan 4 16:25:38 EST 2004

Copyrights in the U.S. last the lifetime of the author plus 70 years. If
there are more than one creator, the copyright lasts 70 years after the
last one is deceased. The exclusive rights given to the author by
copyright include the right to: 

1. Reproduce the work; 
2. Sell or otherwise distribute the work for money; 
3. Perform the work publicly; 
4. Prepare derivative works; and 
5. Display the work publicly. 
Profit is not the only measurement used to determine copyright
infringement, and there are many reasons people would not want their
sites raided. The fact is that stealing things from a Web site it is
illegal regardless of the reason. 

Thus, if you create it, you own it. If you didn't create it, keep your
hands off of it unless the author has given you specific, written
permission. It's that simple.

This is the law notice #1.  When you record a show to a DVR video tape
or DVD you are reproducing it.
If you can show me something to the contrary please do.  A company like
fox can give you permission to do so but unless they do you are
violating the law.... I copy it myself for personal use so I technically
break the law.
Tom J

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> > Yes if you want to be completely accurate it is against 
> copyright law
> > to make any copy of any show, movie, etc...  Just saving it to a vcr
> > or myth tv box is illegal.  But no one is going to say anything as
> > long as it is personal use.  Tom J
> You're misinformed.
> -- 
> Lance Simmons

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