[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-users] segfault...appears to be libddmpeg.so related. GDB output:

Jelle Kalf jelle at kalf.org
Sat Jan 3 15:26:39 EST 2004

ok, I cut off the gdb trace for now.

Could you give us some more information about your system ?
Which version of the xfree-epia did you use, and what's the exact version of your epia-kernel ?

Just to make sure you have the correct via_v4l_drv implementation that comes with the latest versions of the epia-kernel and that you use the latest xfree-epia patch.

you should epia-kernel-mpeg1.2 patch in your kernel or else the libddmpeg version 1.4 will not work properly.


p.s. and remember that DVB was stripped from the ebuild files on purpose because the devs found it to be fairly unstable.

On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 19:58:33 +0000
"martin north" <martin at chipsandpeas.com> wrote:

> (posted to dev and users)
> hi, 
> i'm attempting to run mythtv on a MPIA-M6000 running gentoo, making use of 
> the CLE266 and a DVB card (running epia-kernel, and xfree-epia and the DVB 
> drivers from cvs). 
> After starting up mythfrontend and switching to Live TV, i get approx 4-5 
> seconds of live tv before the frontend segfault's. 
> i put mythfrontend through GDB, and here is the output.
> (also, i re-emerged mythtv and put USE="debug" in the ebuild. I'm assuming 
> that is the correct way to compile in debug through emerge???) 
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echo 16i[q]sa[ln0=aln100%Pln100/snlbx]sbA0D4D465452snlb xq |dc

Version: 3.12
GAT d+ s+:+ a- C++ UL+++ P+ L+++ E--- W+++ N+ o- K- w 
O M- V PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP+ t+ 5+ X+ R+ tv+ b++ DI-- D+ 
G++ e h-- r++ y+++ 
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