[mythtv-users] Output to HDTV

Shane Warren swlists at mit.midco.net
Sat Jan 3 15:20:38 EST 2004

Jim Paris wrote:

> MythTV does do deinterlacing, if you've enabled it.

Yeah I've enabled it, it just doesn't seem to de-interlace the whole 
frame, and things like sports (fast movement) still look horrible.  I 
think someone was working on a better de-interlacer, I've have to 
re-read the archives in the dev forum.  I'm still thinking the nvidia 
twinview may solve my problems as I can watch most everything that isn't 
interlaced out the DVI port and everything else that is interlaced I'll 
switch inputs to watch through a svideo port, that is if I can get 
twinview to work the way I think it will.


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