[mythtv-users] mmx complilation problem (fwd)

Matthew Laird myth at luther.ca
Fri Jan 2 21:32:27 EST 2004

Just reading up about -fPIC, interesting... it makes me wonder if this
might be why I'm having occational instability with my myth system.  If I
understand this correctly -fPIC allows a shared library to be loaded
multiple times.  So if the front and backend on a single machines were
both trying to load the same library.... badness could potentially

It makes me wonder if it's related to the fellow who posted earlier today
about instability with his system (the "Waited 2 Second" thread).  It
would be interesting to see if it's the setup of having both the frontend
and backend on the same system without relocatedable libraries which
causes problems.... like the occational "lost socket" error message which
forces a Myth restart.

I'm not sure how to test this further beyond setting up a second box as
frontend only, unfortunately I don't have a spare machine to use for this.

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004, Isaac Richards wrote:

> On Friday 02 January 2004 09:08 pm, Matthew Laird wrote:
> > Ah-ha, found the problem, perhaps this calls for another FAQ question
> > similar to the first -fPIC error....  It now seems there's a -fPIC in
> > /libs/libmythtv/Makefile.  Just for the record for anyone else who
> > encounters this problem with the broken SuSE QT. :)
> There's supposed to be one in libmythtv's Makefile.  Suse probably has a
> broken g++ as well.
> Isaac
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