[mythtv-users] Re: Problem with green layer.

Anders Hanson anders.hanson at speedo.nu
Thu Jan 1 18:19:23 EST 2004

Oops forgot to attach the image.

Anders Hanson wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm in the middle of setting up a myhtv box with a DVB-C card with 
> analog module.
> Most things works but when watching live or recorded shows the picture 
> has a
> nasty green layer on it, just like the image attached to this mail.
> When using xawtv to watch live shows the picutre is correct.
> Is there a setting I've missed or is this a problem somewere in the 
> mythtv code
> The DVB-C card is a fujitsu Siemens DVB-C rev 1.5 card with analog module.
> I'm running kernel 2.6.0 with latest dvb-kernel patches and MythTV from 
> cvs.
> /Anders
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