[mythtv-users] Most reliable path to a working MythTV system?

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Thu Jan 1 17:34:30 EST 2004

Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:

>Bruce, you have a TiVo right? If so, and if you would, what is
>the major points for, and against MythTV as a competetive solution
>(only considering the software software aspect of it all)?
I'm not Bruce but here's my thoughts on it.

MythTV excels in 3 areas (assuming we're comparing standard Tivo to it 
and not the DirecTV integrated box)

#1) The sheer geekiness of MythTV v/s Tivo.  When I show off my MythTV 
to friends they ooh and ahh and know that they could never do the same.  
Anybody can install a Tivo ;-)

#2) Features.  Features.  Features... extendability, etc.  as in the 
Gallery, Video, Weather, and even the Radio hack.  Open-ended solution 
with Myth.  I've already customized my theme and menus.

#3) No ongoing subscription.  No reliability on a company to offer your 
subscription still existing.  A friend told me this was just FUD, that 
Tivo service will always be around, but that's what I thought about my 
DirecTV DSL service until I got the letter saying I had 30 days to find 
another provider.  Sure, DirecTV is still around, but as a DSL 
subscriber I was just trash to be thrown aside.

And there's always #4.  I'm the type guy that loves to create things, 
and putting together a MythTV box out of spare parts and GPL software 
gives a nice satisfied feeling when you're done.


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