[mythtv-users] extreme newbie questions

David Brieck Jr. myth at brieck.com
Thu Jan 1 17:07:02 EST 2004

On Thursday 01 January 2004 01:19 pm, Richard Legault wrote:
> The PVR bug has bitten me and I am in search of a method.
> I have joined this mailing list in a quest for a "stable" method of time
> shifting television.
> I have a spare box here (2GHz Celeron, 128M RAM) with nearly nothing else
> in it of note.
> I am considering the Hauppauge PVR 350 card. (I think I would like to
> record two shows at once, I will consider adding a card. Is it realistic to
> add a card for this purpose?)

Why the 350? Probably one of the only reasons to spend the extra jack on the 
350 would be that you don't have enough processor power to decode or you 
don't want to buy a video card with tv out in which case you'll run X through 
the tv out of the 350.
> Will this card along with one or two 250G drives set me free?

I'm using a single 250 GB drive right now, but I've planned ahead for the 
future by using LVM for my myth data.

> Is there a clear path to the obtaining of the software and compilation? (or
> might it be an experiment in futility?)

The documentation is O.K., meaning you'll need to read through in many times 
to pick up all the hidden information. I'm running mandrake and there are pre 
build rpms out there with a new kernel, drivers (IVTV) and mythtv and 

> Is it feasible to place the box say ten feet away from the TV and use a
> long extension for the IR receiver and video-out lines?

Ten feet might be ok for an s-video or rca cable.

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