[mythtv-users] Plasma TV's

Preston Crow pc-mythtv at crowcastle.net
Thu Jan 1 11:32:44 EST 2004

> Has anyone attempted to drive a Plasma TV with linux/mythtv yet? We have
> just purchased a 42" Plasma Screen that will do 853H x 480V resolution.

Why spend all that money on a non-HDTV plasma TV?  It may be 16:9, but
with only 480V, you're still talking about NTSC resolutions.

> I know I could just use the TV out RCA connection, but wouldn't the VGA
> connection perform better?

Yes, if you have a TV with a VGA input, that's probably the most logical
one to use.  The RCA connection is a composite TV signal, which is
slightly worse than SVideo.


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