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John W. Thomas me at johnwesleythomas.com
Sun Feb 29 19:55:28 EST 2004

Andrew Turner wrote:

>Hey all... as has been said many times (but I haven't gotten my chance yet) Excellent work on MythTV! I've sold the idea to many of my (albeit geeky) friends.
>Anyways, one thing I've noticed missing has been the automatic archiving of shows. Nuvexport is great, but having to go in each time and run it to export my shows after 2 
>hours. Myth is recording more shows than I get time to backup! :) 
>Well, I would love to help with development of MythTV, but I'm already super-busy with other projects, and after programming all day, coming home to program doesn't seem 
>quite as appealing. Anyways, I finally sat down and wrote some scripts to use nuvexport commandline interface to automatically archive sets of shows. The scripts are rather 
>messy (also by the fact that they use bash, sed, awk, and perl ;) I wanted to get my hands dirty in each of these) but they work as follows.
>The main sript "nuvFind" takes 1 parameter, a show title to search for. nuvFind then goes and attempts to archive all of the recordings you currently have of that show in 
>SVCD format. It checks to see if there is already a directory to store these (nominally the base is /mnt/media/videos/ShowTitle) and whether that particular episode has 
>already been archived. If it has, then the script moves onto the next episode, and if the archive is not there, the script uses nuvexport to create the archive. 
>./nuvFind "Good Eats"
>will attempt to archive my entire collection of "Good Eats" (mmmm... yummy) The first time I run it, the script will archive every episode I have. After than, whenever I run it, 
>the script will just archive new shows. 
>The scripts will take some tweaking for your setup (format other than SVCD, diff't parameters, diff't directories/storage names, etc.) And these could probably be cleaned up 
>to be more streamlined. However, this was my first time with sed, and awk (and I got the perl script from online).
>Scripts Below: save each as the filename in the dashes. Then chmod +x both nuvFind and nuvSed
>---- nuvFind ----
>nuvexport --title="$1" > listings.txt
>./nuvSed listings.txt > listings2.txt
>perl -pe 'chop if /,$/;' < listings2.txt > listings.txt
>awk -F, -f nuvAwk listings.txt
>rm listings.txt
>rm listings2.txt
>---- nuvSed ----
>#!/usr/bin/sed -f
>#Remove nuvexport greetings
># clear blank lines
>#Remove fields
>#add comma to every line, then compress shows to one line
>#remove whitespace
>s/^ *//g
>#remove ' (apostrophes)
>---- nuvAwk ----
>        outputDir = "\"/mnt/media/videos/" $1 "/\""
>        outputFile = outputDir "\""  $1 " - " $2 ".mpg\""
>        findDirCmd = "[ -d " outputDir " ]"
>        createDirCmd = "mkdir " outputDir
>        findFileCmd = "[ -f " outputFile " ]"
>        nuvexportCmd = "nuvexport --mode=svcd --denoise --chanid=" $3 " --start=" $4 " --out="outputFile
>        if ( system(findDirCmd) != 0 )
>        {
>                print outputDir " doesn't exist. Creating..."
>                if( system(createDirCmd) != 0 )
>                        print "Error creating " outputDir
>        }
>        if ( system(findFileCmd) != 0 )
>        {
>                print nuvexportCmd
>                system(nuvexportCmd)
>        }
>        else
>                print outputFile " already exists."
Nice script suite. 

The only problem is that I had to substitute a ffmpeg command line 
within nuvAwk for the nuvexport command.  I was looking to trancode into 
Divx (mp4), but nuvexport doesn't accept divx as a command line option.  
Only svcd and dvd.

Thanks for uploading.
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