[mythtv-users] VCR record problems

Andrew Dodd atd7 at cornell.edu
Sat Feb 28 17:53:02 EST 2004

Quoting "gabrielle k." <gelle at umich.edu>:

> OK, so I'm not trying to do a wacky alternate input for my VCR.
> I figured if I just attached it to the tuner and tuned to channel 3
> (like you do with the tv!) it would 'just work'
> I get snow.
> If I push VCR/TV I get (grainy) tv still coming in correctly when
> using 'Watch TV'
> But if I try to watch the VCR output, just snow.
> IVTV FAQ suggests that snow means signal, but not tuned to
> a channel.  If my VCR isn't 3 on my PVR-250, any guesses
> what channel it might be?
> I looked through the archives.  I tries the suggestion to
> switch inputs with test_ioctl -p.  Tried 0-9.  I get black
> screen on some, white horizontal lines on others.  On 4
> (the one that works for myth) I get snow.
> This seems like a dumb question to me, I really thought it
> would work without problems.
> If anyone has suggestions on recording VCR output through
> my tuner input, I would be most grateful.
First suggestion:  Don't use the RF output of your VCR.  Use the RCA jacks for
composite video and audio output, pipe those to your Myth box.

Then set the PVR250 up for Composite 0.  I've done this to transfer from tape to
MPEG, and may be doing it for general tuning because the PVR-250's tuner is a
piece of s**t compared to my VCR's tuner.

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