[mythtv-users] encode/transcode advice request

John Freer john_freer at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 28 13:47:46 EST 2004


Looking for an opinion on how I've got my backend box configured.

XP2200 box, 160gig HD.
2x bt878 cards doing capture in SW.

Set to do SW capture, RTJPEG, quality 180, 640x480.  This seems to be
about the max I can do and record 2 streams and watch 1.

Transcoder set to transcode the RTJPEG file to MPEG4.  Bitrate 3000,
640x480, Hi-qual, and motion checkboxes checked.

I could really use some advice on whether or not I'm way off base on
the setup or not.

Some questions:

1.  on the Hauppauge SW capture cards, is 640x480 the best resolution
to capture at?  

2.  Is 180 a reasonable quality level to capture at?  Is it worth
going to 190, 200, etc?

3.  What's the optimal bitrate to transcode to for the RTJEPG files? 
Is 3000 too high for my input source (the 180 RTJPEG file)?

4.  Should I be checking the high-qual checkbox and the motion
checkbox on the MPEG4 options?

5.  Should I ditch the BT878 cards and get PVR250's?

6.  Would the transcoding quality be better going from PVR250 MPEG2
to MPEG4 than going from RTJPEG to MPEG4?

Thanks for your time,

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