[mythtv-users] Switching input cards (rather than just inputs on the card)?

Jason Parekh mythtv at partyinthecity.com
Fri Feb 27 19:29:33 EST 2004

Hey Josh,

Thanks for the quick reply..  I have it currently set up like that but the 
problem is whenever I try to goto the channels of another input card, it 
won't switch to it, is it supposed to?

My setup will consist of one satellite with ONLY Hindi channels (S-video 
on card A), one satellite with ALL channels (including Hindi, allowing two 
Hindi recordings at once, S-video on card B), and cable (Tuner on A and 
B).  Right now however, I have just tried using a tuner on card B, and 
Hindi channels (in the 600 range) on A.  The tuner channels only go up to 
around 115 so I know they are not colliding.  When I startup MythTV, card 
B comes up by default and I have no way of getting to the Hindi channels 
on A.  If i goto the guide, I can see the Hindi channels on the 600 range, 
but if I try to tune to them, it won't do anything.

All I really need is the functionality you speak of, just being able to 
change to a channel on another input card, but I can't seem to get that to 


> This is a complete shot in the dark as I've never tried it, but in theory
> once you set up both cards in the setup program and assigned them 
> different
> video sources and such, it would work fine. BUT theres a catch, the 
> channels
> on each card have to be different. This wouldn't be so bad for a few
> channels, but if you're dealing with something like digital cable and
> satellite for example, it would just plain suck. If the two cards have
> unique channels, then whenever you tune to a specific channel it should 
> use
> that card anyway.
> Any particular setup in mind? I'd be interested in seeing how its
> implemented once all the quirks are worked out.
> Josh

>> Hello,
>> I was wondering if there was a way to switch to a different input card
>> when watching Live TV rather than just being able to switch inputs on 
>> the
>> current card?  Would this be hard to implement?  I've searched the
>> archives and mostly found that this feature did not exist a few months
>> back, but was just wondering if anyone has implemented it?  I need this
>> because I have more than one input card with completely different inputs
>> but currently can only watch the default input card..
>> Thanks
>> Jason

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