[mythtv-users] Feature request, or is it there already?

Clay claybo at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 27 15:17:10 EST 2004

Hey everyone.  I have my machine almost done, and it is GREAT.  Myth is 
incredible.  I can't thank the whole community, and especially Isaac 
and folks for all the work and help.  It has a PVR 350 so it's for 
front and back end.

Now we're considering putting an Xbox frontend in the front of our 
house (the back-end machine is in the back of the house).  However, if 
we were to do this, would the Xbox front-end have to share all the same 
recordings as the back-end machine?  Or would the Xbox front-end have 
its own "clean" menu for all of its own recordings on the back-end?

If it doesn't have this, would this be a possible feature for the 
future?  It would be great to have a preference on the back-end that 
would allow separate front-ends to use their own "Watch Recordings" 
menu, and maybe be able to access other "Watch Recordings" menus that 
other front-ends have defined.  If this is already implemented, I'm 
sure I sound a bit foolish.

Thanks a lot for any comments.  I definitely can't implement this, but 
I'm throwing the idea out there.

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