[mythtv-users] Digital Cable

John F. DeLuca johnfdeluca at comcast.net
Thu Feb 26 13:35:03 EST 2004

On 25 Feb 2004 at 21:09, Ray Olszewski wrote:

> At 10:05 PM 2/25/2004 -0500, John F. DeLuca wrote:
> >On 25 Feb 2004 at 12:42, jonasb at alum.rpi.edu wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > I'm pretty new at htpc, and am trying to figure out if there's
> > > anyway of having myth control my cable box (i.e. for the premium
> > > channels).
> >Yes, you can control it via an IR blaster.
> >I
> > > assume that it can't decode them itself,
> >Correct
> > > but am I basically restricted
> > > to regular cable through myth without changing the channel through
> > > the cable box?
> >An IR Blaster is your best (only) bet.  You can check out lirc.org
> >for some listed
> Neither best nor only. Some digital-cable boxes (e.g., the DCT2xxx
> series) have serial ports that can be used to control them ... doing
> pretty much anything that the remote can do ... -IF- you cable
> provider has activated the serial port. TiVos can use this interface,
> for example.
> If you have the current MythTV source download, look in the ./contrib
> directory for some example code. Also try searching the name of your
> cable box (I mean the hardware itself, not your cable provider) both
> on the Myth lists and in Google. I don't know if all modern cable
> boxes have this capability, but it does seem to be getting more and
> more common.
True.....IR Blaster is neither best nor only option if you have an active serial port on 
your cable box.  Sadly, my cable box does not fall into that category so *my* best and 
only option to view digital cable channels with my Myth or Tivo is via IR Blaster.

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