[mythtv-users] G400 problems

Clay Fandre clay at fandre.com
Thu Feb 26 12:24:26 EST 2004

Howdy all,
I'm new to MythTV (and the list) so forgive me if this is obvious. I
searched the archives without much luck.

I put together a MythTV system using a G400 Marvel and a Dell
Precision 410 running Fedora Core1. I've installed Mythtv using
apt-get and am using the MJPEG encoder. The system is using the
build-in soundcard which uses the cs4236 driver. I've followed the
G400 HOWTO and have gotten almost everything to work, including alsa,
tv-out, lirc, and I can record.

But whenever I watch live TV or watch a recorded show, the picture
quality is not that great. I've captured a screenshot as evidence:

I don't think it is a problem with the encoding because the onscreen
text is also blurry. Is this a problem with my framebuffer? When I
watch DivX videos those look OK. xawtv also works fine.

Also, sometimes I can't watch live TV and I get the "Audio buffer
overflow, audio data lost!" message. Is that a sound-card problem?
Would I be better off buying a better soundcard?


-- Clay

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