[mythtv-users] Reducing system resources (cpu, memory)

John F. DeLuca johnfdeluca at comcast.net
Wed Feb 25 22:29:46 EST 2004

KnoppMyth seems to install only that which is required to run Myth so it likely runs very 

On 25 Feb 2004 at 20:15, Blues Guy wrote:

> J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> > Bill Chmura wrote:
> >
> >> One possibility is moving to a lighter desktop... for example, I
> >> use KDE on my notebook, but on my myth system I run fluxbox.  Takes
> >> up less of everything - disk space, compile time, and memory.  Not
> >> sure how much, but KDE does eat up alot.  I took a quick look and
> >> it seems like KDE uses 30MB more of memory...  Someone could
> >> probably do a better analysis than me.  Anyway, if your low on
> >> memory that could help.
> >>  
> >>
> > Ratpoison.  It doesn't get much lighter than that.
> For my dedicated box I installed a Fedora Core 1 "minimal install" and
> built up from there, adding just what was needed.  I kept the entire
> install under a 1 GB for a setup with the entire myth-suite, and I
> used just xfwm4 as a window manager.  It (and it's supporting apps)
> uses only ~25MB of RAM., and no focus issues or background images to
> interfere with the MythTV experience... :-)
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