[mythtv-users] scheduled recordings (Black Output)

Brian M. Bennett brianbennett at nc.rr.com
Wed Feb 25 19:46:25 EST 2004

I'm having a problem where when I record using "schedule a recording" I
only get a blank screen and no audio when I play the recording back.
Also, once the recording is complete, I can no longer watch live tv
without rebooting. Any suggestions on how to fix this? I have no trouble
watching live tv so long as I do not record something before hand (I can
pause and rewind).
My Computer's Spec
Pentium II (Deschutes) 
448.051 CPU MHz 
3/4 gig memory 

120 gig hard drive 
GeForce 4 440 64MB DDR 
Sound Blaster Live 
Logitech Cordless Keyboard and Mouse
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