[mythtv-users] mythtv, lirc and "key mover" capability

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Tue Feb 24 20:01:53 EST 2004

Lance Tost wrote:

>I have a One For All URC-6131 that I'm trying to get working with a 
>Packard Bell serial receiver for my MythTV setup.  I programmed the "pvr" 
>mode to Phillips Tivo (code 0618).  I've been having problems learning the 
>codes with irrecord but just now tried the "TIVO" config file from the 
>remotes.tar.bz2 on lirc.org.  It works great... except I have keys that 
>are not mapped (ff/rew skip keys, pip, info, a couple others)... 
>apparently, the tivo doesn't use these functions.

I actually have mine mapped to Sony Tivo.  I don't currently have all of 
the buttons mapped out,  I left off a couple keys.  I'm going to redo 
the lircd.conf file to complete the keys as soon as I get the spare 
time.  Here's the lircd.conf I'm using.

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# Please make this file available to others
# by sending it to <lirc at bartelmus.de>
# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.7.0pre1(tira) on Sun Feb 22 09:26:17 2004
# contributed by 
# brand:                       URC-6131b00-sony-pvr2.conf
# model no. of remote control: 
# devices being controlled by this remote:

begin remote

  name  URC-6131b00-sony-pvr2.conf
  bits           48
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  one             0     0
  zero            0     0
  pre_data_bits   8
  pre_data       0x0
  post_data_bits  8
  post_data      0x0
  gap          149982
  toggle_bit      0

      begin codes
          POWER                    0x0000C0FF49BF5EC3
          MENU                     0x0000C03379835EC3
          GUIDE                    0x0000C0C3B7735DC3
          INFO                     0x0000C0CF868C5EC3
          EXIT                     0x0000C003877F5DC3
          UP                       0x0000C0F348835DC3
          LEFT                     0x0000C003974F51C3
          DOWN                     0x0000C003964352C3
          RIGHT                    0x0000C00386735EC3
          SELECT                   0x0000C0F358B351C3
          CHANUP                   0x0000C0FF694C52C3
          CHANDOWN                 0x0000C0FF797C5EC3
          REPLAY                   0x0000C0F378405DC3
          SKIP                     0x0000C0C3A74351C3
          THUMBDOWN                0x0000C0C3B67F5EC3
          PVRMENU                  0x0000C003748C5DC3
          THUMBUP                  0x0000C0C3A64F52C3
          STOP                     0x0000F86106069E51
          PLAY                     0x0000C0FFAB7051C3
          REW                      0x0000C0FFBB405DC3
          PAUSE                    0x0000C0FFBA4C5EC3
          FFWD                     0x0000C0FF9ABF52C3
          PREVTRACK                0x0000F0C0654F5D00
          NEXTTRACK                0x0000F0C0757F5100
          RECORD                   0x0000C0FF8A8F5EC3
          1                        0x0000C03F594052C3
          2                        0x0000C03F49705EC3
          3                        0x0000C03F584C51C3
          4                        0x0000C03F487C5DC3
          5                        0x0000C03F698352C3
          6                        0x0000C03F79B35EC3
          7                        0x0000C03F688F51C3
          8                        0x0000C03F78BF5DC3
          9                        0x0000C03F9A7052C3
          0                        0x0000C03F8A405EC3
          ENTER                    0x0000C03F8B4C5DC3
      end codes

end remote

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