[mythtv-users] ivtv / pvr250 MCE problem...

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Tue Feb 24 16:34:33 EST 2004

Gabe Knuth wrote:

>Spare me the holier than thou attitude.  I read what I could and it didn't
>help me.  The instructions on the site say how to extract from the CDROM and
>I did that, to no avail.  I asked how I could extract the firmware from the
>exe's on that are linked to from Jarod's howto and got no help, so I posted
>to this list.
>Congrats on being able to search. I found that stuff days ago while trying
>to work this out.

Let's look at the sequence of events:

1) You post asking about something that's easily answered by reading the 
available documentation and / or searching the mailing list archives.
2) I point you to the ivtv website, without ripping you a new one for 1) 
not taking basic steps to get the answer yourself  2) asking a basic 
ivtv question on the MythTV list instead of the ivtv list.
3) You jump down my throat and make wild claims about how it's not 
possible to find the answers after ages of searching.
4) I point out you can in fact find the answers you need quite easily, 
and then give you the answer you need. And dress you down for being an ass.
5) You come back at be, still being an ass and failing to comprehend 

I have ZERO problem with newbies.  EVERYONE was a newbie at some point 
in time.  By belligerent clueless newbies who can't be bothered to help 
themselves can rot in ignorance.

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