[mythtv-users] overlay offset (blue line) and xv with mplayer and xine

Kevin G. Currie kevin.currie at wmich.edu
Tue Feb 24 09:49:39 EST 2004

Ha, I just got done posting a fix for this one message ago.  Here's a
more elaborate response since there seems to be more than one person
having the problem.  Get xvattr, and try different settings for the
XV_AUTOPAINT_COLORKEY XV_COLORKEY attributes.  I typically use a wrapper
script to start mplayer (or zsnes, or mame, etc) under mythtv with all
of the options that I want plus any additional commands that need to be
run (such as xvattr).


On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 00:17, James L. Paul wrote:
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> Aloha, I've been trying to resolve this minor annoyance for some time and 
> wonder if anybody has any tips...
> I'm using a GeForceII GTS with the binary nVidia drivers, versions 4363, 4496 
> and 5336 all display a problem with vertical overlay offset outputting to 
> svideo when using xv. The problem does not occur when using sdl.
> In a nutshell, when playing a 16:9 aspect movie (my TV is 4:3) in fullscreen 
> mode with either mplayer or xine, at the top of the image overlay area there 
> is a 1 or 2 pixel blue line. (It's always the same height, it's just hard to 
> tell it it's 1 or 2 pixels high.) This line runs horizontally the width of 
> the screen. If I turn off overscan I can see a vertical line the same width 
> running the height of the overlay area at the left side. It appears to 
> obviously be a slight offset error in the overlay area, that's my guess. I 
> don't normally see the vertical line, since it's hidden by overscan. The 
> horizontal line is very obvious and distracting though, since it's not hidden 
> by overscan when watching 16:9 videos. (It's hidden by overscan on both the 
> top and left sides when playing 4:3 videos.)
> If I force xine or mplayer to use sdl the overlay offset error isn't there, 
> and the display looks just right. The issue is that my Athlon 1.4GHz takes as 
> much as 20% higher hit to the CPU when using sdl than with xv. I have enough 
> CPU to comfortably handle my two tuners and watch a video when using xv, but 
> it's not quite enough when using sdl if both tuners are recording. I'd 
> obviously prefer to use xv. ;)
> I've tried 3 versions of the nVidia driver, they all otherwise work fine and I 
> haven't noticed any difference between them. Overscan works for me with each 
> version.
> I didn't see any overlay positioning options in nvtv to let me apply a 
> correction offset. I'm not sure which code is to blame, I can't blame the 
> player app, since they all work with sdl, it's hard to blame the nVidia 
> driver for the same reason. I'm left with the impression that I need to 
> address this with xv.
> Where should I look for an option to adjust this? Is there an xv setting to 
> allow me to correct this?
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