[mythtv-users] Recording dies when viewing recordings. Anyone swap capture cards?

Malcolm mythtv at lds.dyndns.org
Tue Feb 24 00:04:22 EST 2004

pvr-350 in first PCI slot (/dev/video0)
pvr-250 in second PCI slow (/dev/video1)

When I click on "watch recordings" while a recording is in progress it
seems to be more and more frequent (almost every time now) it kills the
current recording in progress (I reboot daily at 3:30am so it's not that I
need to reboot).

I was wondering if anyone with similar setup to me (mostly the PVR cards)
has tried swapping them around?  Did it produce any better results?

My thinking is that when only one recording is taking place it will be on
the PVR-250 and then when I click on "watch recordings" it will start
using the PVR-350 and not touch the 250 card at all.

I won't be able to test my idea till the weekend and I was wondering if
anyone else has tried that yet?  I'm anxious.

Thanks guys
mytht 0.14
ivtv 0.1.9
mandrake 9.2
kernel.org 2.4.24 patched with v4l2

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