[mythtv-users] newbie xbox install problem

mythtv mythtv at thegoffs.org
Mon Feb 23 17:05:36 EST 2004

Sounds like you have one of the newer XBOX's that have a new video chip
made by FOCUS.  The Xebian 1.0.0 install is supposed to support this
chip.  Dennis is working on .4 of his XBOX-mythtv release which is
supposed to support this chip as well.

I am in the same boat and am waiting for Dennis to get .4 done.  I don't
have the time right now to get Xebian going, so hopefully Dennis will be
done soon.


On Sat, 2004-02-21 at 14:24, jandrewcooper at comcast.net wrote:
> i think i followed the correct directions to install myth front end onto my xbox, but when linux starts up the screen goes wacky (looks like its losing horizontal hold).  I can ssh into the machine, but have no idea what to do then.
> thanks for the help.
> also, how can i be sure my swap space is set up correctly.  can i do this via an ssh shell?
> thanks,
> Jay
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