[mythtv-users] channel shared by two stations

Timo Boettcher spida at gmx.net
Mon Feb 23 11:54:41 EST 2004

Hi Andrew,

* Andrew Dodd <atd7 at cornell.edu>, Monday, February 23, 2004, 4:58:56 PM:

> Quoting Timo Boettcher <spida at gmx.net>:

>> * Markus Amann <maamann at arcor.de>, Sunday, February 22, 2004,
>> 8:59:10 PM: 
>>> how do i have to setup mythtv if two Tv Stations share one channel?
>>> how is to handle the EPG index in the database ?
>> I have got this problem, too.
>> Workaround for me is to have one channel for each station, eg Channel
>> 25 is KinderKanal (program just morning till afternoon) Channel 26 is
>> Arte (program in the evening and in the night). Problem with that is
>> that you have two channels for tht, but at least you will be able to
>> record from both stations.
>> I would be interested in real solution, too.
> Exactly how are the stations sharing a channel...  You just
> indicated that they were on different channels?
They are on the same channel, but at different times.
> Or are the two "channels" you're using mapped to the same frequency?
> Or is it a DVB stream where two stations share an MPEG transport
> stream, each of them getting a different subchannel?
No, we are talking about old style analog cable tv here (at least I


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