[mythtv-users] 350 for video playback

Darren Richards darren.richards at cox.net
Sun Feb 22 14:02:43 EST 2004

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> On Saturday 21 February 2004 16:43, Dan Boger wrote:
> > I currently have our 350 set up on a P3-450MHz, and watching live TV, or
> > playing back recordings is very simple.  However, when I try to use
> > MythVideo, the playback is too slow to be viewable.  I understand that's
> > because the ivtv driver isn't using the full hardware capabilities (as
> > far as rgb->yuv), but I was wondering if anyone has any experience using
> > a 350 on a faster machine (2GHz+), and if MythVideo was usable at that
> > point?  Or do I just need to keep waiting until the ivtv driver develops
> > more?
> >
> > If so, I can try to convince my wife we need a better myth server.
> >
> > Any suggestions welcome!
> Unfortunately, the problem is not CPU-bound, except in the sense that you
> enough CPU to do the decoding... a P3-450 is on the low end of the scale
> full-screen DVD decoding.  However, a faster machine will not be much
> because the real limiting factor is the ability of the 350's framebuffer
> display (non-MPEG) video.  The hardware is capable; the ivtv driver isn't
> (yet).  I believe there's an mplayer patch to use the 350's decoder, which
> should help for DVDs, but as yet there's nothing for non-MPEG-1/2 streams
> (i.e., divx/xvid).  Though some folks with fast enough machines have
> being able to transcode divx->MPEG1/2 in real time & using the patched
> mplayer...
> Bottom line: your 2 likeliest options are (1) wait for the ivtv driver to
> support raw YUV video, or (2) use a different video-out card
> -JAC

Unfortunately I didn't do my homework before buying the 350, and I'm faced
with the two options mentioned above.  I think I'll wait for the 0.2.0 ivtv
drivers, and if they don't solve the problems I'm seeing, I think I may
invest in another video-out card until drivers mature.  Jarod mentioned
using a GF4MX card.  If I used a similar setup (350 for capture, GF4MX for
video out), would this also solve the ivtv-related problems I'm seeing with
the program guide crashing my system, and truncated/incomplete recordings?

Right now the WAF is about zero, and she's not too happy that I spent all
this money on something that's not really usable.  If investing in a video
card would make the setup more wife-friendly, it would be worth it...


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