[mythtv-users] Setting it all up | MythGames / MythDVD / MythTV (with a DVB card)

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sun Feb 22 08:15:59 EST 2004

Matt Houlbrooke wrote:

> I am 'attempting' to get my Fedora box running MythTV and am slowly 
> getting there.  I have a few questions though that i would like to ask
> MythGames
> - I have Snes9x installed but how do i make it launch full screen? 
> also how can i set the contoller up? (ie what key does what)

Currently you can't from in MythTV.

> - Also when i load MythGames it says my version of xmame isn't 
> supported - which versions are?

If you've installed a recent version you should be fine.  More likely 
than not you gave it the wrong path.

> MythDVD
> - I can get Perfect and Good DVD rips working but is it possible to 
> get more options?  if so, how?

There should be 4 options or so...

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