[mythtv-users] HDTV playback/Pundit/pcHDTV - here is some useful info

Jerry Rubinow jerryr at universal-imaging.com
Fri Feb 20 14:22:33 EST 2004

For anyone who's trying to do HDTV playback, here is some useful info
that it took me a while to find the answers to.
If this info was added to the hardware section of the documentation on
mythtv.org, it would probably be useful to other people seeking to do HD
-if you're using an ASUS  Pundit for your front end, the drivers for its
graphics chips under Linux do _not_ take advantage of the SiS MPEG-2
decoding hardware on the motherboard.  This info is from Thomas
Winischhofer, who wrote the drivers.  So you'll either need an extra
card to do the decoding or a powerful enough CPU.
-for doing 720p playback (1280 X 720), a 2.4GHz P4 should be sufficient,
for higher res, something faster.  This is what a helpful support guy at
pcHDTV said:
I'm using a 2.4GHz machine and for 1280x720p playback there are no
problems at all.  For 1920x1080i->1920x1080p with the better
deinterlacing methods done in real time it seems to push a little to
hard but it is fine for Bob and Weave or with an nvidia card using
hardware accel.  When using hardware acceleration with mpeg decoding a
1.8GHz machine works great but if your not using a nvidia card then I
suggest something above 
-finally, there doesn't seem to be support in Myth for easily using both
the NTSC and the HD tuner in the pcHDTV card.  There are at least one or
two people working towards adding this, but the impression I got was not
to hold my breath.
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