[mythtv-users] [Q] : Why only numeric IP addresses work?

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 20 10:56:10 EST 2004

On Friday 20 February 2004 10:28, Lonny Selinger wrote:
> >> > Hmm then what is the idea behing the design, why not resolving a
> >> > given hostname?
> Personally I prefer to go by IP rather then host. I have more the one
> internal and more then one external network including hosting
> external DNS. For my internal networks my machines sometimes have
> more the one or two interfaces and I rely on different services for
> each of them depending on what they serv to which networks. I dont
> want to run an internal DNS server just for a few private networks or
> have to maintain 11-12 different host files just because some
> services require a resolvable hostname. This would over complicate
> some of my Ldap and proxy arp configurations as well. IP's are easier
> to manage for something like IMO

That's fine; no one would force you to use hostnames... it would just be 
nice for some folks to have the option of using hostnames.  Most people 
don't have a home network anywhere near that complex.

I'd write a patch, but quite frankly this is not an "itch" that I feel a 
need to scratch, as my setup is humming along quite nicely using IP 


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