[mythtv-users] Recordedmarkup corrupt - consequences ?

cmisip cmisip at insightbb.com
Thu Feb 19 20:33:07 EST 2004

My mythtv has been misbehaving lately.  It has been missing scheduled
recordings, mythfrontend sometimes cannot connect, and the error message
shows "Readstringlist timeout".  I tried to backup the database and it
complained about "errno 145" with recordedmarkup.  I did a "repair table
recordedmarkup" in mysql. 

What are the consequences of this? What does recorded markup do?

I notice that since the upgrade to myth .14, I notice hard drive
activity when there are no current recordings.  Is myth trying to
rebuild something or convert something? I have not configured it to

If so, what is a safe way to shutdown myth?

I thought the problem was a bug in my cvs version of myth (downloaded
feb 7).  I uninstalled everything and am in the process of reinstalling
hoping that the problem will go away since I have repaired

Any insight is appreciated.


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