[mythtv-users] A list of newbie questions - any input is appreciated

Malcolm mythtv at lds.dyndns.org
Thu Feb 19 18:23:19 EST 2004

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From: "Steve Dorsey" <steve at dorseygraphics.com>
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> - Is a P4 1.8GHz going to be fast enough to do everything with two or
> three PVR-350s simultaneously capturing and viewing video? (I'd like to
> hook up 3 cards in a perfect world so that I can have an extra input
> for external devices i.e. video cameras or video from my G4.

That's more than enough CPU if you are using PVR-350 cards.  They don't use
any CPU power.  They have built in hardware encoder/decoders.

> - What about a 7200 RPM 240GB drive? Can that read and write fast
> enough simultaneously?

As long as DMA is turned on you're fine.  DMA is usually turned on by
default.  I think certain versions of Red Hat do not?

> - Can the commercial detection be turned around to record ONLY
> commercials? I realize that this is a strange request, but it's a hobby
> of mine.

Shows are always recorded in their entirety.  Commercial skiping is only
used afterwards to either skip by the commercials or mark them for deleting
when transcoding.  But yes you can skip the show and watch the commercials

> - Can I use different Hauppage capture cards on the same system? (Like
> a 250 and a 350 together)?

I have a mix of 250 and 350 cards.  No problem.

> - Does the web interface require a static IP address?


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